Rainbow Seafood is an international seafood business with factories, offices and partnerships throughout the world. We have packaging, distribution and sales centres in the UK, China and the United States but we owe our heritage to our origins in the Faroe Islands, which are home to our fishing fleet, farms and state-of-the-art processing plants.

Our heritage is important because it affects every facet of our service to the customer. We use the most modern technologies to maximise product quality and shelf life, but we are also commited to maintaining an ancient tradition that places enormous emphasis on sustainability. It's a successful fusion of the old and the new; a methodology that is accountable, responsible and proven to yield seafood of truly outstanding quality.

Having our own long-liners, processing and packaging plants helps us to keep our prices extremely competitive and means that we maintain strict quality control at every stage. It also enables us to adapt our operations to suit changing market demand. From the initial catch to packaging and delivery schedules, every element canbe fine tuned to give you and your customers exactly what you want.

We can supply fresh and frozen seafood including: Salmon, Cod, Haddock, Whitings, Lemon Sole, Plaice, Monkfish, Smoked Fish, Exotic Fish, Prawns, Coley, Skate, Hake, Tuna, Swordfish, Red Snapper, Kippers, Lobsters, Halibut, Trout, Langoustines, Scallops, and many more, Fresh or Frozen.